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Everything for the all-rounder: At GfA-SiliTech we focus on the universal material silicone rubber. And you, of course! No matter which silicone seal, no matter which application, we will find the optimum solution in terms of silicone rubber. With high-performance silicone extrusion machines with which we can extrude horizontally and vertically. With comprehensive know-how. With full commitment, for even more productivity. And, of course, tailor-made - typical for the companies of the GfA Group!

Extract from our silicone program

All-rounder silicone rubber

Ready for use at -50°C to +200°C - who offers more?
Silicone rubber is the material of choice when it comes to applications involving high temperature fluctuations. All in all, silicone rubber with its wide range of properties has proven itself for decades. From aviation to shower joints, silicone is used. And for more than 30 years this all-rounder has also been part of the GfA product range! Here are the advantages:

Silicone rubber shows good elasticity and excellent resistance even at very low and high temperatures. The spectrum from -50°C to +200°C is hardly reached by any other sealing material. With these good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, it is therefore ideal e.g. for glass facades and conservatories.

The compensation of large tolerances is the speciality of silicone. Thin wall thicknesses and high resilience make it an ideal seal for wooden front doors, for example. Silicone rubber is also the ideal material for sealing expansion joints.

Silicone has the best properties to withstand UV and ozone - there is hardly any risk of loss of quality or color in outdoor applications. The material is compatible with almost all paint systems, has a water-repellent surface and is not very abrasive.

Sufficient oil and fuel resistance on the one hand and high purity on the other - these properties make silicone rubber particularly interesting for use in the food and medical sectors. Of course there are also special material settings that meet high fire protection requirements such as UL94 standard, DIN 5510 or DIN 45545.


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